Aoi Boyfriend [Fidanzato blu] [Opening OAV]

Cantante: Yuuka Tachibana - Testo: Sawachi Ryuu - Musica: Shiro Sagisu - Arrangiamento: -

*Too cold, sweet boyfriend
Humourous boyfriend
Showering more love, more often, immediately for me
Sharing a strong boyfriend
Holding love, watch, listen
Listen to my Heart
So it is actually nothing
Really in my heart, my boyfriend
Sense it quickly, you are very clumsy
Show this love quickly
Leaning on the fence, you are being temperamental
Hiding your passion
Lonely sweet boyfriend
Shower more love more often, immediately for me
Show a strong sense of pride like a boy
Humourous boyfriend
Holding love, watch, listen
Hold me tightly toningt!
And that will be nice
You are too impatient my boyfriend
Quick call.. Do as you like and call honestly
Express your shy love quickly
I am rolling on the scented grass
Swaying my heart

* Ripetere due volte

Kimagure Orange Road ę Izumi Matsumoto/Shueisha/NTV/VAP/Toho/Studio Pierrot