Jeni-na [Janina] [Insert Song 12]

Cantante: Kanako Wada - Testo: Reiko Yukawa - Musica: Shiro Sagisu - Arrangiamento: Shiro Sagisu

Summer sunshine's round dance, catch me with your radiance.
I sometimes look back, feeling lonely.
Among people accompanied by happiness on the crowded promenade,
I search for my lost sentimentality.
Since the day I began to forget the tenderness you gave me,
wanting certain words, I chose only one person.
The memories I tore out of my diary
make a mosaic pattern in the blue wind.
* The red spotlight of the sun sets behind the buildings.
In time when night creeps up, I'll be lonely.
Janina of the sparkling summer, [if you're] held by sorrow,
can shine brighter than yesterday, dear my happiness.
Your eyes that couldn't believe in tomorrow completely
were so sad [to see].
I want a chance to sacrifice even my life for one love.
In the drama of the futile search for Shangri La,
I dance the prima donna role alone

* Ripetere

Kimagure Orange Road ę Izumi Matsumoto/Shueisha/NTV/VAP/Toho/Studio Pierrot